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Lily Charmed - Wins Jewellery Design Awards 2014

Lily Charmed are beyond pleased with themselves as they have WON the coveted JEWELLERY LOVERS - INDIVIDUAL DESIGN AWARD, For their Gold Flying Pig Necklace!

Lily Charmed are beyond pleased with themselves as they have WON the coveted  JEWELLERY LOVERS - INDIVIDUAL DESIGN AWARD, For their Gold Flying Pig Necklace!

Founder & CEO of Jewel Street Rob Passmore says:

“The Jewellery Lovers’ Awards were created to celebrate the resounding success of this online innovation as well as the unrivalled choice and quality of the designers and brands on offer. The competition was tough, however Lily Charmed proved to be the most popular designer in the individual design award category as picked by our 90,0000 customers per month. We are thrilled to have their Boutique on JewelStreet and look forward to their ongoing success."
Jewellery Design Awards are an amazing way for people to discover our Jewellery, so we are thrilled, and amazed to be winners, we hope that winning this award will make more and more people collect & love Lily Charmed Charm jewellery.
Jewel Street Set up the Jewellery Design awards because "At JewelStreet we believe that all designers and brands, no matter how big or small they are, deserve the chance to be recognised for the quality of their designs and workmanship. We celebrate every designer on JewelStreet, because we know that each one is exceptionally talented. Just like JewelStreet itself, the JewelStreet Jewellery Lovers’ Awards are created to bring together the things that we love the most in the jewellery industry; unique designers and discerning jewellery buyers. "


The flying pig charm, has a great story, with highs and lows...
Once upon a time there was a little boy called Jackson, who LOVED his piggy toy (so much so that his Mum had to buy 5 of them in case they ever went missing), and carried it with him everywhere. He often held it high, and made it fly.
Jackson's Mummy (me - Lucy Lee) wore a Piggy charm around her neck, to remind her of her love for Jackson, and his love for Piggy. Then one horrible day, their home was burgled and the Piggy Charm that was loved, was lost forever. So she decided to make another, and this time with magic wings. So a Flying Piggy was born, and everyone was happy again.
The End.... almost.....
Its not the first time the flying pig has been chosen for its rather fabulous good looks - Model Ebba, from Sweden loves her Gold Flying Pig Necklace so much she has worn it in her style blogs
I wear my Gold Flying piggy nearly every day, as does my best friend Lucie. It has been our Lucky Charm, and one of our favourite Lily Charmed designs, so to have our customers vote for it as theirs, makes it even more special. We also offer the Flying Pig necklace in Silver
Thank you again to Jewel Street, and every one who voted for us. It proves to us that anything is possible, and that Pigs Can Fly!            
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