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Welcome to Lily Charmed, an independent charm boutique where founder Lucy Lee designs jewellery to bring you joy.

Collect and curate your charm jewellery to express your story. Showcase your memories and magical life journey with a modern edge.

Our mission is to empower individuals with our stunning range of unique designs. Our commitment to originality and quality ensures that each piece we offer is a lifetime investment in authentic self-expression

Founder of Online UK Charm Jewellery Company Lily Charmed


Lucy Lee

Lucy founded Lily Charmed in 2011 after leaving a career in television to focus on finding a work /life balance while raising a young family.

The storytelling, creativity and design talents needed to create entertaining television - translated perfectly to storytelling with jewellery.

Now a family business, run by Lucy and her husband Jon, Lily Charmed started at the kitchen table, and has grown to sell world-wide. Lucy has been designing new creations for Lily Charmed for over ten years, and the thousands of 5-star reviews from customers, and hearing their stories are endlessly inspiring!


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Be bold with your choices - become a modern day storyteller - using your jewellery as a canvas for your unique story.

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