Anniversary Gifts ideas and inspiration

Anniversary Gifts ideas and inspiration

Here at Lily Charmed, we’ve been thinking about weddings. More specifically, we’ve been thinking about what comes after the big day. It’s that sometimes-dreaded, oft-forgotten, big A word. Yep, that’s the one.


So, what do you buy your significant other? Sure, there’s a specific theme for each year, but how do you put your own twist on tradition and avoid the predictable gift trap?
Look no further. We’ve scoured the land for anniversary gifting inspiration so you don’t have to, so read on to discover our suggestions on how to make your anniversary gifts personal and thoughtful without totally breaking the bank.
1st Anniversary: Paper:
We suggest: Lily Charmed paper plane cufflinks make the perfect alternative to the less inspiring tradition of paper. Also available in charms for necklaces and bracelets, in both silver and gold.
2nd Anniversary: Cotton
We suggest: Modo Creative’s Zodiac cushions are brilliant for the star couple. Simply enter your names and the date of your wedding in order to receive a wonderfully personalized cushion that can adorn your sofa all the way up to your 20th anniversary and beyond!
3rd Anniversary: Leather
We suggest: BeGolden’s personalized photo albums are a wonderful way of showcasing the love you and your partner have. Maybe even create a visual journey from the start of your relationship to where the two of you are now!
4th Anniversary:Fruit or Flowers
 At Lily Charmed we have a range of different flowers and fruits available as charms and necklaces. These include a lotus flower, lily, pineapple, pear, flower, and even an acorn for the more quirky couple.
5th Anniversary: Wood
We suggest: Northern Logic’s personalized wooden maps would be a statement piece to fit in any couple’s home. Includes both of your names, and the location that means the most to you. They make unique anniversary gifts and are a great talking point.
6th Anniversary: Chocolates or Iron
We suggest:  Ignoring the fact that you may want your partner to pump some iron to get in shape, Lily Charmed’s adorable traditional watering can charm is the perfect iron supplement! Okay, bad jokes aside, this little charm is available in gold or silver, and is a great addition to any necklace or bracelet. Otherwise can you ever go wrong with chocolates?
7th Anniversary: Wool or Copper
We suggest: The English Shipmate’s inscribed copper key ring. Playing on the old superstition about the seven-year itch, this piece is a beautiful addition to any key chain and a tongue in cheek reminder of your love.
8th Anniversary: Bronze or Pottery
We suggest: Storia Diversa’s antique bronze padlock cufflinks are an unconventional statement piece, and would fit beautifully with formal attire. Why not go out for a meal all dressed up just the two of you?
9th Anniversary: Pottery and Willow
We suggest: Lily Charmed’s teatime earring set is the perfect gift for pottery lovers! The quirky asymmetric design goes wonderfully with both formal and casual outfits. Okay so its not strictly made out of pottery but who cares! Its the thought that counts. The designs are also available in charms and necklaces.


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