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What are the best good luck charms?

Find out what makes a lucky charm, the history and stories behind lucky charm Jewellery.  A guide to help you choose the right lucky charm jewellery for you. What are...

What is a good luck charm? What luck can it bring, and why should you wear one? This guide to good luck charms, should bring you closer to the answer.

"Jewellery which upon possession delivers a positive influence on the fortunes of a person or set of people wearing it."


Many people own lucky jewellery or objects that mean a lot to them personally, but throughout different cultures and history there have always been objects or animals that are almost universally believed to bring good luck. Because of the strength and power of feeling we have towards these traditional good luck charms Lily Charmed has designed beautiful jewellery for you to wear on charm necklaces or charm bracelets as a way of carrying good luck with you.

How do I find my perfect good luck charm?

  1. A recognisable Lucky Charm – of which there are many traditional lucky charms from around the world, choose the charm that speaks to you.
  2. An item that feels lucky to you – given to you by a friend or relative, that makes you feel lucky, or an item that you wore when you had good luck. This could be as simple as ‘lucky pants’. This type of good luck charm is generally symbolic in nature and relies on the power of suggestion. A study conducted by a British University showed that people who carried good luck charms felt their luck had genuinely improved.
  3. A religious or powerful ancient symbol or talisman that is part of your belief system and gives you strength, a cross would be a good example of this.

There are some lucky charms that are designed to be worn daily and are meant to keep you safe from harm. Some good luck pendants are thought to have healing powers while others serve to make you a more pleasant person. There are many reasons why you would gift a good luck charm, but here are our favourite occasions that merit the added confidence a good luck charm can bring.

  1. Exams, all types!
  2. New Jobs
  3. New life adventures, moving home, country, gap year, university, marriage and divorce.
  4. Big birthdays, 18, 21, 30, 40, 50, 60 you get the idea
  5. Pregnancy and birth – everyone needs good luck with parenting!
  6. There are many more, which are small and personal, but just as important

Here is Lily Charmed good Luck Charms list, divided into Lucky Symbols, and Lucky Animals

we are always designing more, so if you can’t see your perfect good luck charm here, please get in touch.

Lucky Symbols

The Four Leaf Clover

Lucky Four Leaf Clover Necklace by Lily CharmedLucky four leaf clover necklace by Lily Charmed

At a remarkable 1 in 10,000, the chances of discovering a four-leaf clover are so astonishingly slim that finding it seems to require luck itself. There are a plethora of theories concerning this Celtic charm, but they all seem to make the clover worthwhile: the ability to see fairies, promise of eternal happiness and meeting your lover the same day, to name a few. While in most of the world, only the four-leafed clover is considered lucky, in Ireland all Irish Shamrocks are powerful good luck charms.

One Christian legend claims that Eve took a four-leaf clover with her after being banished from Paradise to remind her of it. Four is also considered a masculine number and relates to the four sides of the cross, so some believe that the four-leaf clover is a piece of Paradise or the Garden of Eden.

Lucky Horsehoe

Lucky Horseshoe Jewellery by Lily Charmed

The lucky horseshoe tradition dates to the 10th century and continues to be a symbol of luck to this day where people hang this particular talisman over the door to keep bad luck away and bring good fortune. Though the horseshoe is common in the United States as a good luck symbol, it can also be found in Islamic Art and Egyptian iconography. While the superstitious believe that hanging a horseshoe over your door will bring your home protection and good luck, many disagree about the proper way to hang it.

Some believe that the horseshoe points should face up, arguing that this orientation captures and collects good luck. Others disagree, suggesting that the horseshoe points should face down so that good luck pours on everyone who goes through the door.

If you were a blacksmith, people believed you could bend and shape the materials handed down to man by God himself. So, of course, people figured horseshoes had to be lucky by association.

The horseshoe also makes a perfect good luck wedding gift. The giving of horseshoes to a bride is a tradition of long standing. Well before Christian times a horseshoe was thought to represent a crescent moon and was therefore a very potent fertility charm!


Thought widely to be an American Thanksgiving tradition, the wishbone’s significance is around a millennia older than the United States. The 17th century British believed that shaking a wishbone off your nose will make your wish come true, but currently whoever breaks the bigger piece will be the person to receive the luck. The perfect wishbone must be dried for perfect snapping potential!

Lily Charmed has so many wishbone charms, because they are SO lucky and popular, and lets me honest look cool! Choose from silver, gold plated, 9 carat and even wishbones set with diamonds, sapphires and rubies!

St Christopher Necklace

Engraved St Christopher Necklace by Lily Charmed

Saint Christopher is the patron saint of travellers... however, with so much tradition and legend surrounding him, the image of Saint Christopher carrying a child remains a popular choice for people buying Christian or religious jewellery. In addition to being the patron saint of travellers, Saint Christopher is believed to protect people from epilepsy, lightning, storms, pestilence, and floods. Many soldiers also pay tribute to Saint Christopher by wearing his medal or carrying a prayer card with them. This is one of the few good luck charms for men to wear daily!

** Interesting fact - our St Christopher was drawn from the torso of Aqua Man, Jason Mamoa

Hamsa or Fatima Hand

Fatima Hand Jewellery by Lily CharmedSilver Fatima Hand Necklace by Lily Charmed

More than just a talisman, the Hamsa has become political emblem of harmony and reconciliation, but its popularity as a protective sign has been prevalent in the Middle East and North Africa since approximately 300 B.C. The Hamsa Hand, or Khamsa, is common in both Jewish and Muslim communities as a sign of good luck. This charm can be worn with the hand facing up or down. It is said to protect people from negative energy and bring happiness to the beholder.

Depending on the culture and community, the symbol of the hand bears different meanings. The word “hamsa” references the number five in Hebrew and is said to symbolize the five books of the Torah: Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers, and Deuteronomy. In Islam, the five fingers are associated with the Five Pillars of Islam. The eye on the hand represents an eye that sees everything and watches out for the beholder.

Lucky Star

These lucky star charm necklaces make the perfect lucky charms for kids. A star charm is the perfect way to express gratitude for a lucky thing that has happened to you, as in  ‘Thank my lucky stars’. You can be born under a lucky star, or you can express your gratitude for a person, who is your ‘Star’, however the star charm talks to you, it could become your favourite lucky charm. We often look to the skies for inspiration, and wish upon a star. Which star is yours?

Shooting Star Necklace by Lily CharmedOpen Star Necklace by Lily Charmed

Lucky Keys

Sterling Silver Key Necklace by Lily CharmedPersonalised Key Necklace by Lily Charmed

Keys have been a symbol of fortune and liberation around the world, used in many societies and ceremonies.

Additionally, Jewish midwives used to give keys to a woman giving birth to “unlock” the infant and ensure a safe delivery of the baby. Today, keys are mostly associated with the opening of doors and freedom, or in romantic instances, as a key to one’s heart.


Keys are worn as a symbol of 'unlocking', this could be of health, happiness, wealth or other milestone.

Lucky Acorn

Sterling Silver Acorn and Oakleaf Stud Earrings

Long before acorns were considered good luck, they were associated with magic between two witches. When passing each other in the woods, witches would hand each other acorns to let one another know who they were and that they were safe in one another’s company.

As a good luck symbol, acorns are said to protect one’s health. Carrying an acorn is believed to protect from illnesses, aches, and other pains. If you’re already ill, it is said to speed up the healing process and alleviate any pain.

Carrying a dried acorn is believed to give the gift of youth to the wearer. It can also be used for wealth and attraction of the opposite sex.

The acorn has long been associated with patience. This is because it is only found on mature oaks. The sterling silver acorn pendant is therefore a fitting good luck charm necklace for anyone making plans that require perseverance and fortitude. In the most stunning way it says that good things come to those who wait.


Lucky Animals


As a symbol for good luck are common all over Asia, but they are especially prominent in India and Thailand. They symbolise strength, power, stability, and wisdom. Many people believe that an elephant facing your door will bring good luck into your home. As a result, many business owners in Asia will place elephants in the entrance of their shops for good luck.

The common belief is that the trunk must be up for good luck, and some go so far to say that the trunk facing downwards brings bad luck. Others believe that a trunk facing down allows for good fortune to be passed freely among everyone, not just the beholder.

Sterling Silver Elephant Jewellery by Lily CharmedSterling Silver Elephant Jewellery set

Anyone who knows anything about good luck charms for success will tell you that this has got to be the best one yet.

What makes it so powerful is that it makes use of a renowned deity fashioned after the elephant loaded with good luck for mankind. Using this pendant you will ward off all evil and nothing will stand in your path to success for as long as you have it on

Lucky Rabbits 

Sterling Silver Easter bunny Charms by Lily Charmed

The rabbit’s foot remains a common symbol of monetary and sexual luck in popular culture. Derived from Celtic folklore and African-American folk spirituality, the superstition surrounding this dismembered limb is a little creepy but associated with rabbit prosperity. The Celts initially considered rabbits to be divinely connected to the underworld because of their burrows, however in North America the rabbit’s hind left foot was prominently thought to assist fertility.

Fortune Cat

Sterling Silver Cat Necklace by Lily Charmed

This cheeky little cat is a popular lucky charm in both Japanese and Chinese cultures where it is believed to attract good luck and fortune to its owners. You’ll most likely seen it hanging out at stores or restaurants (sometimes with a waving hand), as it welcomes and bids hello to customers. The cat’s colours also have meaning: a white cat represents happiness and positive things to come, gold meaning wealth and prosperity while a green cat represents good health and wellness. 

Lucky Dragon

The dragon charm brings career luck your way. It strengthens your position within your company and imbues leadership qualities in you. In Japan they place a dragon in the north sector of their house for good luck!

Silver Dragon Necklace by Lily Charmed

The dragon is a fitting symbol of power and regeneration or rebirth. If you have a friend who has struggled to get reborn and start on life afresh, why not let him know that you have his back using this?

Lucky Turtle

Personalised Turtle Necklace by Lily Charmed

The turtle protects your home with powerful energy of everlasting abundance. The tortoise symbolises a long life, wisdom and peace. It is also linked to the lunar and Mother Earth symbolism.


Soaring Bird Necklace - Albatross Necklace and Bracelet by Lily Charmed

Considered a sign of good luck if seen by sailors or played by golfers! In golf shooting three under par on a single hold has recently been termed scoring an ‘albatross’, Albatrosses have been described as "the most legendary of all birds". Our Lily Charmed Soaring bird necklace and bracelet is inspired by the Albatross and makes the perfect good luck charm for sailors.



Flying Pig Necklace by Lily Charmed


Considered lucky by the Chinese and Germans. “Glücksschwein” is a German expression that translates to “lucky pig.” In Germany, pigs are associated with fertility and good luck. They are often featured on cards expressing best wishes, especially around New Year. They can also be found in candy and there are treats shaped like pigs all over Northern Europe. Norway and Sweden also have phrases that translate to “lucky pig.”

Another common association with pigs is wealth. People all over the world store coins in piggy banks to attract future wealth and protect their earnings.



Sterling Silver Butterfly Necklace by Lily Charmed


It is thought that the gentle fluttering of a butterfly is a manifestation of evasive good fortune. A butterfly is a symbol of freedom and perfection in nature. Just as a butterfly is not born, but is metamorphosis into a perfectly symmetrical creature, one’s ill fate can be transformed into good fortune.

Silver Butterfly Ring Necklace by Lily Charmed


Butterflies have been associated with wandering, free souls in many different cultures. The ancient Greek word for butterfly is, Psyche which means soul, while some ancient Naga tribes of North East India believe that they are descendants of butterflies.

Whale Tail

Marine symbols have long been used to bestow their protective capabilities on persons of different cultures. The whale tail is known for its ability to protect the artist in you. It helps you grow your talent and assists in regeneration and in creating a connection with Mother Nature

Whale NecklaceWhale Necklace Lily Charmed

Lucky Fish

Pisces Necklace Lily CharmedPisces Necklace Lily Charmed

Lucky in many cultures including Chinese, Hebrew, Ancient Egypt, Tunisia, India and Japan! In the Chinese culture, owning a fish is considered a good investment because the Mandarin characters for fish and water are associated with wealth and plenty. ... One of the most auspicious fish species in Chinese culture is the arowana or dragonfish, which is believed to have the power to bring luck and prosperity. They are known for their positive energy and are considered as a good omen.

It's gold characteristic is a highly regarded auspicious colour in Chinese culture. This auspicious Koi Fish Pendant will bring good 'chi' and vibes that attract good Feng Shui and abundance in prosperity as well as good fortune to those wearing it. benefits of wearing fish pendant specifically koi fish pendant

The Fish Necklace also symbolises the Piscean Zodiac Sign.


Sterling Silver Large Feather Necklace by Lily Charmed

The Feather is believed to represent souls passing through one realm to another. People also often wear a feather charm or feather necklace to represent someone who they have lost ‘feathers appear when angels are near’, this gives them strength in the knowledge their loved one is still with them and supporting them.

Lucky Coin

Although a penny is a relatively small sum, to many it represents wealth and the importance of saving. The modern superstition that picking up a penny brings good luck is a novel twist on archaic folklore, as metal used to be thought of as a gift from the gods and was accordingly gifted to people in dire need of good fortune or health. Certain European cultures still believe that fairies will bring luck to whoever spits on and throws the found penny into the bushes. 

See all our unique lucky charms to add to your own necklace or bracelet – we are always adding more. And we wish you luck in finding your perfect Good Luck Charm. Please share photos with us on Instagram @lilycharmed


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