Behind the Scenes at QVC

Wow, what a week with Lily Charmed jewellery appearing on QVC for the first time, and England in the Semi Finals of the World Cup! Myself and Jessica our designer had an exciting day at QVC on Saturday 7th July, and we wanted to share with you some of the best bits  from behind the Scenes at QVC. We felt very Jennifer Lawrence in 'Joy'!

Meeting the Presenter Katie Pullinger!

Katie Pullinger was such a lovely presenter, and came to meet us before we went on air to find out all about Lily Charmed, and she very sweetly asked if she could wear our Gold Plated Rich Tea Necklace on air, (we said yes! OBVIOUSLY), the producer and director also came to brief us about what would happen when we went live. Nerves were HIGH!
Jessica (who later presented our sister brand Scream Pretty on QVC too) and I were given our own dressing room. we felt like Movie stars!
Then we had to prep the jewellery with the fantastic backstage team - who make everything run so smoothly!
Hair and Makeup are very important when you are going on TV, so we relied on our very natural beauty!
It's easy to get lost in such a large building- but we found the Green Room where we could watch QVC live (and get even more nervous) and meet lots of other fantastic Jewellery brand ambassadors who were representing their brands on QVC's jewellery day.
Thankfully we were not live on air while England played football! As we were told there are only two occasions when QVC doesnt sell, when Strictly Come Dancing is on air, and when it's the World Cup!
Our jewellery was behaving so they let it out of the cage - to perform...
And I had to head to the Guest Service hub to get an earpiece and a microphone - the earpiece allows the Director and producer to talk into your ear while you are Live, but I failed to hear them as soon as we got started! I was too excited!

While we were on air - I was so excited because three of our lines sold out immediately, the Gold Rich tea necklace (thanks Katie), the Silver Flying Pig Necklace, and our Silver Custard Cream Necklace.
I had so much to say - but it zoomed by and I felt I didn't get to say everything I wanted to (just like the Director said it would feel!). If you would like to see more of our QVC edit or see how we did on TV please do.... but don't judge, it was our first time!
Once my TV debut was over (and Jessica gave me a G&T) it was her turn to represent Scream Pretty .... And she nailed it!

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