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Recycle, reuse

We're committed to sustainable practices. We consider the circular economy of jewellery ; using recycled and recyclable materials with no loss of quality.

Share, repair, refurbish and recycle - this is our aim to reduce waste and minimise landfill.

Packaging options are offered so we can minimise excessive packaging.

We design so that our charms can be worn on bracelets or necklaces - versatile and hard working affordable pieces.

Engraved Silver Tag Charm by Lily Charmed


We use recycled silver to craft all our charms and jewellery.

Recycling silver helps to limit the amount of metals that must be produced, the use of chemicals to process them, and lowers the impact on the environment.

We also like the sentimental journey of using recycled silver. For us, charm jewellery tells your story and has an emotional impact  - using recycled silver brings with it it's journey, the silver had a life before, a purpose, its own story and by reusing silver we carry its story to the next generation.

our jewellery

Ethical design and Manufacture

Made to last, each piece we design is a tiny hand-crafted sculpture. From design to being boxed and delivered every detail of your jewellery is being thoughtfully managed by our talented team.

Recycled Sterling Silver Charm Jewellery, Necklaces & Charms by Lily Charmed Recycled Sterling Silver Charm Jewellery, Necklaces & Charms by Lily Charmed


Quality never goes out of style.

Personal jewellery to inspire, collect and share.

Wax Carving Charm Jewellery Carving in Wax Charm Jewellery


Creating Sculpture in miniature

We work with talent artisans who translate our designs into intricate mini works of art.

Hand Finishing mix tape charm Lily Charmed Hand Crafted Silver Cassette Tape Charm & Necklace by Lily Charmed


Detail & Quality

Every piece is hand finished and polished in recycled silver.

Hand Painted enamel Rainbow Necklace Lily Charmed Hand Painted enamel Rainbow Necklace Lily Charmed

Valued Partners

Proud of Partnership

Our founder has a strong relationship with each of our ethical respected, expert manufacturers.

Elephant charms made with recycled silver Elephant charms made with recycled silver

our planet


At the end of our jewellery's life, it can be recycled or reused - no more landfill.

Sterling Silver Charm Jewellery for Women & Children by Lily Charmed



Our gift boxes are made with recyclable cardboard and our charm pouches are made with recycled plastic. We are working towards 100% recycled packaging !

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We are all looking for ways, big and small, to help be part of the solution to climate change and sustainability


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