Our Elves behind the Scenes at Lily Charmed

Christmas is always busy here at Lily Charmed, so we want to show you the story behind the jewellery that you gift. From design, casting to packing and ribbon tying, each step is important in making our beautiful jewellery so special.

First the Design Process

Each year Lily Charmed gets together to short list ideas for new charms and necklaces, we ask our customers what they want, and do lots of research. Then Jessica and Lucy our design team get to work, creating sketches and 3D prints of their selected designs.

Making the Master Design

We spend time getting the little details right, no sharp edges, testing how each piece sits and weighs so that we can be proud of every piece.



Adding Your Personal Touch

Once you've selected your gift - you can add a message, to make your necklace or bracelet even more treasured! We print every message in our workshop, and can get them printed even for next day delivery!

Lily Charmed is all about personalised jewellery. Either creating unique message cards, engraving your jewellery or creating unique charm bracelets, we do everything here, so can make sure your jewellery gifts are made with love and care. Here are some of our elves busy at work!

Then when we are happy that you will be happy with your gift - we add a ribbon and post it to you.

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