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The Best Biscuit to Dunk on National Biscuit Day

Celebrating the Best of British Biscuits Plus which is best to dunk! It's National Biscuit Day on May 29th so we thought we would share some biscuity facts to celebrate....

Celebrating the Best of British Biscuits

Plus which is best to dunk!

It's National Biscuit Day on May 29th so we thought we would share some biscuity facts to celebrate. Apparently we munch our way through nearly 100 biscuits a second (that's all of us together not each!) over 99% of us eat biscuits each year, not sure what is wrong with the other 1%? Also the word biscuit is French for cooked twice as early biscuits were nothing bore than twice cooked bread so they would stay fit to eat for longer? Also it impossible just to eat one Jaffa Cake!*

We don't really need a a day to celebrate biscuits, in our house every day is biscuit day, but we thought we would look a little further into the history of some of our best loved British Biscuits and celebrate the best of our tasty crumbly treats.

The Custard Cream

Invented in 1908, and if you study it closely you'll see an intricate pattern on each side of the biscuit which is actually a baroque style pattern of ferns, although obviously we don't usually study our biscuits in such detail. Originally baked with a custard filling, it's a surprisingly good dunker, but how does it fare in the dunking test video below...?

The Rich Tea

Originally developed in Yorkshire by the upper classes way back in the 17th century, the Rich Tea has certainly stood the test of time. Probably one of the plainer biscuits you can buy, it's great for dunking but also feels healthier than some of its chocolatey or creamy biscuit friends. It also is the healthy biscuit choice with only around 35 calories in each one. 

The Chocolate Bourbon

Like the Custard Cream, the Bourbon biscuit has its origins in the early twentieth century, originally know as Creola which sounds more like a drink than anything else, it was renamed Bourbon (after the European dynasty) in the 1930's, and we agree that Bourbon is a much more premium sounding name. According to McVitie's the holes in each biscuit allow a smooth baked finish, especially compared to the more textured Ginger Snap or Hob Knob (makes sense to us).


Whether you're a biscuit lover or not, the endearing quality of these biscuit favourites is captured in our collection of biscuit themed charm jewellery, as silver necklaces, bracelets or even cufflinks. Of course the quality of a Lily Charmed piece of jewellery is far superior to anything you might be tempted to dunk into your daily cuppa, plus our sterling silver designs with intricate biscuity detail will never go soggy, always look great on you, and hopefully make you smile, after all its the little things in life, like biscuits and silver jewellery that sometimes mean the most to us.

Finally we loved this video and had to share, courtesy of Wren Kitchens, that tests the dunking durablility of our most favourite baked delights when submerged into a cup of hot tea - Which one was dunk and disorderly and which biscuit didn't break under pressure - Enjoy (Oh how we love the internet!)

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