The Story behind our Modern Infinity Collection

There is always a story behind a unique jewellery design, but for Lily Charmed this design was made by a guest designer.
And, it was his first ever attempt at designing jewellery. We were impressed and we hope you will be too!

This is 8 year old Ryan Wingham. He came to play at our designer Jessica’s house earlier this year when her kitchen table was covered in sketches of potential new Lily Charmed jewellery.

Could he have a pen and paper and do some himself?

Yes of course. Ryan carefully drew this beautiful modern infinity symbol and said it would make a nice necklace or earrings.

Ryan usually excels on the football pitch playing for both his local team Spartak and for Cambridge United and he scored first time with this design!

Ryan’s ‘modern infinity’ design has been used to create an engraveable pendant   and open design  with matching earrings . There may be a bangle in the pipeline too.  What a beautiful, and minimally chic way to say ‘I love you, forever’.

He was so thrilled to be able to give his mum Kelly a necklace and earrings for her birthday that he had designed himself.
Thank you Ryan! You’re amazing!

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