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The Charm Collector Necklace

Lily Charmed has designed a collection of charm collector necklaces, inspired by heart-warming personal connections. Your jewellery can remind you of these connections, and be a way of keeping people...

Lily Charmed has designed a collection of charm collector necklaces, inspired by these heart-warming connections. We want your jewellery to remind you of these connections, and be a way of keeping people close. As jewellery trends become less seasonal we look at the celebration of personal stories told through jewellery.


We want to encourage you to use our charm collector necklaces to showcase your heirloom pieces, combined with new Lily Charmed charms, that reflect your here and now, and those you love. All our belongings are curated over time to reflect our true style, and history – and this is how we’d love you to use these Charm Collector necklaces. Be playful, have fun, mix and match charms, layer the necklaces together for impact – use the charm collector necklace to design the look you love.



Our use of recycled silver in these necklaces also gives us a heritage tingle – all the silver used to create these necklaces has lived its life before, and is now upcycled into something precious you can keep and grow, it lives on. Ok, so I seem to have gone all a bit soppy and sentimental here, BUT, using these necklaces to pull together charms from the past and present, makes you feel a little bit nostalgic!

My sister Jessica has been wearing her charm collector necklace with an amethyst charm left to her by our Granny, and the heads and tails coin she designed last year – then she has been layering her necklace with other chains from her collection to create a layered look that is unique to her, and tells her story (she has been an avid jewellery collector for many years!)



My Favourite necklace is the Gold Oval Carabiner Curb Chain Necklace, it’s a weighty piece of silver (hallmarked) plated with gorgeous gold. I’ve added by favourite Charms; the flying pig and the giraffe  - which represent my children, as their designs were inspired by my children’s toys, and a lighting bolt charm which represents our sister brand  - and my sister.



Sadly I have no heritage jewellery as we were burgled a few years ago, and I lost all those precious pieces which had been gifted or left to me over the years. Because of this loss – it makes me truly value to jewellery I have now – and I hope my jewellery becomes something my daughter will treasure in years to come.

The vintage hand collector necklace, is also one of our favourites, as the necklace itself represent the feeling ‘to hold those precious in our hands’, we think it will make a fantastic mother’s day gift, when you add the initials of the children or grandchildren to the necklace.

The Eternity Charm Collector Necklace and the Heart Carabiner Charm Collector Necklace, are modern classics, perfect for gifting to those you love – they look great worn with or without charms, making them even more versatile.



We would love to see how you style your charm collector necklace please use #lilycharmed on @lilycharmed instagram

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