Made by our Elves

At Lily Charmed we love Christmas, even the ringtone on our phone plays 'Jingle Bells', so we thought we'd share with you a few behind the scenes images of our busy elves working away to help make your Christmas gifts magical.

Caroline, Judy, Natalie, Zoe and Kulvinder are busy making your jewellery gifts, tying the ribbon, making special orders and printing personalised message cards - we all love reading the special, thoughtful messages you add to your jewellery, we love our Lily Charmed customers!

After a frantic morning, we all deserve a biscuit break. Judy likes a jammy dodger! And frankly she is allowed as many as she likes because she recently 'braved the shave' and shaved all her hair off for Macmillan Cancer research. However that teeny Santa Reindeer hat is hardly going to keep her head warm!

Clearly wearing our Christmas jumpers to work has made us a little silly, and we aren't even on the wine (yet)

After lunch we have more engraving and few wholesale orders to get out the door, we can't miss our deadlines as there will be more orders to fulfil tomorrow, and we like to keep our fast dispatch and happy customers record! Feel free to read our lovely reviews
Suzanne gets busy engraving, Poppy and Sophie have to do spreadsheets (secret fact - Sophie loves spreadsheets) while Zoe gets the wholesale orders packed up snug and safe, and Caroline makes sure we are ready for the post. Ho ho ho.
We are already looking forward to tomorrow, with Christmas tunes playing on an endless loop, we are loving the Christmas season, and the boxes of chocolates and mince pies everyone keeps bringing in (but they have no calories, as it's Christmas, right?)
Bye for now - love from the Lily Charmed Elves

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