New Travel and Adventure Charms

We are so excited whenever we launch new designs, and there is nothing we get more excited about than our travels and adventures. With the summer holidays zooming ahead of us we are all planning adventures at home or abroad. Sometimes the journey is just as fun as the adventure at the end of it, so we have designed a collection of charms to celebrate the journeys and adventures ahead!

I have always loved to get an 'experience' as a gift, so have been lucky enough to take a hot air balloon flight, and experience an amazing flying lesson in a tiny plane, so I designed the beautiful vintage style hot air balloon charm necklace and reworked my own vintage plane charm to create these gorgeous necklaces for you.

The Scooter and Boat charms also makes me remember trips abroad, where I zoomed about greek islands (fairly dangerously I admit) on a scooter / death trap and lived to tell the tale, and watched dolphins zip around the hull of a boat in New Zealand.

The wonderful thing about charm jewellery is it helps trigger memories, you wear it and can't help but remember the special moments the charm represents. The first adventure most of us ever took was on a bike, and the bicycle still holds  a special place in most peoples hearts. This bicycle is based on my current bike, and has a basket at the front - perfect for summer picnics.

Just remember Life is an Adventure - Enjoy the journey.

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