New ways to wear charms

Do you collect charms? We do! But, why wear charms on just a bracelet or necklace when there is so many more ways to show them off? In this blog we are going to show you how adorable your charms can look, when set free of a chain!

We have even designed the brand new ‘Charm Hoop Earrings‘ for you to display your charms on your ears! It’s time to get creative with charms.


Charm hoop earrings

This is so easy – you are going to love it. Buy one pair of charm hoop earrings, then the possibilities are endless. Just slip on your favourite charm and you have on trend charm hoop earrings. This hoops even look gorgeous when they don’t have a charm on – its win win!

Charm Hoop Earring


Skinny Scarves

These gorgeous scarves took about 20 minutes to make, scherwing.
Pick your favourite charms and create your own.
A big thank you to our gorgeous friend Gina who agreed to be hijacked for services to fashion

Safety Pins!

Use safety pins (totally on trend right now) to pin your favourite charms to a jacket, hat or bag

Use dainty letter charms that spell out whatever you like pinned on your jacket to add sparkle and sass. In fact, we’d totally go for a jacket with ‘SASSY’ spelt out on it.

Ribbon Choker Charm Necklace

A cute and easy way to add some boho luxe – one part 90’s nostalgia, two parts cowgirl. Keep loose using ribbon in place of a lariat necklace.
This trend that looks good with almost anything, from a high neck Victoriana blouse and pleated midi skirt, to a band t-shirt with jeans.

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Love all this ideas. My favourite charm for this time of year would be the seahorse charm- it’s om my wishlist!
Ashlee7488 October 18, 2022

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