Unicorn Magic!

So beloved are these magical mystical creatures that they even have their own day on  April 9th!  

Personalised Unicorn Necklaces

Personalised Unicorn Necklace by Lily Charmed

So why are Unicorns such an enduringly loved creature ? We delved into the sparkly depths of the interweb to find out....

Healing Powers

The horn of a Unicorn (often a washed up Narwal's horn) was prized for it's purported ability to detoxify poison and heal the sick. 

According to dream interpreter Aunty Flo 'In general, a unicorn represents unreserved love. The unicorn is mainly a symbol of innocence and cleanness. According to a lovely legend, the unicorn missed the admission in the Ark of Noah because it was busy playing, and therefore a unicorn in a dream is a warning for the dreamer that, in order to survive, the person must always pay attention to whatever is going on for real in the world.'

Unicorn Tapestry

Scottish Pride

The Unicorn may seen an odd choice for a country's natoinal animal but maybe not for Scotland famed for it's long history of myth and legend. The Unicorn has been a  Heraldic symbol of Scotland since the 12th century when it was used on the Scottish coat of arms by William I.

Coat of Arms

The Royal Arms of Scotland


We loved Agne's 'It's so FLUFFY!' scene in Despicable Me when she wins a Unicorn soft toy at Super Silly Funland. The scene was so popular it spawned a hundred memes and became a central plot point in the second and third Despicable films! 

Children's Silver Unicorn Necklace

Lena in her Unicorn Necklace

Unicorn Brexit

Bring a little sparkle even to Parliament, the magical powers of the Unicorn were invoked recently by the justice secretary David Guake who likened creating the perfect Brexit deal to Scarlett Johansson turning up on a Unicorn. 

Record Breaking

Last year 600 Unicorn clad people gathered to set a Guinness world record at the Three Wishes Fairy festival Festival in Cornwall. 

Charlie Crayons in Unicorn Necklace

Customer Charlie Crayons in her Unicorn necklace


Unicorns are mentioned 9 times in the Bible - it is believed that a few skips and jumps in translations means the 'one horned' references may refer to Rhinos or long extinct oxen - but we're happy to believe in the sparklier version !

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