Don't know what to engrave on your jewellery? Do not fear! We've gathered a list of quotes and phrases for you to chose from or that might inspire you. Some are funny, some are sweet and cute, some might be just right. With engraving the possibilities are endless, until you run out of characters of course.


Engraving ideas for Dad:

We have a range of key rings and cuff-links that would make ideal gifts for dad with your own special message engraved.

Best daddy ever

Dad jokes are secretly very funny

I’ll always be your baby

Hero without a cape

We are family

I’m your biggest fan

Love you 3000 – quotes that have something to do with your relationship

The louder the snore the cooler the dad

Thanks Dad

Dads rule the world

Dad's Biggest Fan

 Let Mum cook...

world's best Dad


Engraving ideas for Friends:

We have a selection of necklaces and lockets ideal for showing your affection for all you bestest friends with a special engraved message.

We’ll be friends longer than forever

Life is better with friends

You’re the best

I guess you’re stuck with me

Partner in crime

Count on me

My Chewbacca

You are my whole squad

BFFNMW (best friends forever no matter what)

Best Friends

Forever friend

You make me smile, a lot


What can I engrave for my Boyfriend:

Charm necklaces might not be the thing your boyfriend is looking for, but we do have a selection of cufflinks and key chains ideal for engraving that he might be interested in.

I love you more than coffee

You and me, forever

You’re one in 7 billion

My rock

You’re my lobster

My one and only

Love you 3000

Crazy in love

Crazy for you

You’re the one that I want

You are my missing piece

Always in my heart

Keeper of my heart

Hey Babe

Say Yes


Engraving ideas for Mum:

Mums do so much for us every day and care about us so much, so why shouldn't we treat them to a personal engraved piece of jewellery.

Forever your child

Love you to the moon and back

Best mummy ever

I’ve loved you my whole life


I love you most

Thanks Mum

World's best Mum

I lone you mum

Love is a Mother


Engraving ideas for Daughter/Son:

Engrave a gift for your beloved youngsters from our collection of engravable items. We even have a lion head you can engrave on the back of, worn by the England women's 2019 world cup football team, which might appeal to young minds.

Cheeky monkey

Dream on

My princess/prince

You are my sonshine

Reach for the sky! 

Never grow up

Always let your conscience be your guide

From the bank of mum and dad

My Baby

And of course, for a child or someone who is a child at heart, to have your name engraved on something is just the best feeling, especially for children with unique names. You could even do a middle name as well or nickname to make it more personal.


Engraving for Anniversary ideas:

Celebrate your relationship milestones with a personal engraved message on necklaces and lockets, for women, or cufflinks and key rings, for men.

Happy anniversary

I love you

My love

Yesterday. Today. Tomorrow.

You are my treasure

The best is yet to come

Date – roman numerals

Ship name

I choose you everyday

You will forever be my always

Our love is timeless

Together forever

All Eternity

I love you with all of my heart

Our love will never die


Engraving ideas for birthday gifts:

Make someones birthday extra special this year with a customised, engraved, beautiful piece of sterling silver jewellery.


Name (maybe nickname or middle name as well, more personal)

Happy birthday

You’re aged to perfection

It takes a long time to grow an old friend


Congratulations engraving ideas:

Say congratulations with an engraved piece of jewellery that will last year after year and help you to remember the special occasion.

A new chapter begins

Congratulations and celebrations

Life’s a gamble, you won

Well done

The future is yours to write

You did it!


Our champion


What to engrave on Christening gift/holy communion gift:

First holy communion – 3 bars with date and name/ slider necklace

On your christening – special memories with date and name


What should I engrave on my Girlfriend's necklace?

So you've got as far as deciding on a beautiful piece of jewellery for your beautiful girl, but you just don't know what would be the right thing to engrave to make her feel extra special. Don't panic, we've got you covered and you can be sure you'll be in the very very good books. Lots of hugs and kisses for you, you've earned it ; )

Bodacious babe

My rock

She’s a lady

Be my baby


My one and only

You’re my lobster

You’re the one that I want

You are my fire

You take my breath away

Love is an open door

You're amazing 

Say Yes


Engraving for every occasion:

Names and dates are very popular for occasions such as birthdays, anniversaries or life milestones. You can have ones on the front and one on the back. You could engrave a personal quote. For example, a phrase you commonly exchange with a friend, parent, child or partner. You could also do secret engraving on the reverse side.


General messages to engrave jewellery with:

Roman numerals-dates

A jewel for my jewel

Love you 3000

Children’s names

Birth, new baby- name, date, place

It never hurts to keep looking for sunshine

Just keep swimming

A dream is a wish you’re heart makes

I love you most


Religious engraving ideas:

In his name

First holy communion – Try it with our special memories necklace to include a name and date on our three different sized bars

Fear no evil

God always listens

For is glory


French Foreign language quotes:

Why not try engraving your jewellery with a message in a different language, then it could be more of a secret message.

Mon Cheri

My Love

Je suis folle de toi

I'm Crazy for You

L'amour n'a pas de Prix

Love is Priceless

Amour de ma Vie

Love of my Life

Je t'adore

I Adore You

La plus Belle

The Most Beautiful

Tu es ma meilleure amie

You are my Best Friend

Coeurs Qui S'aiment, nul Besoin de Paroles

Hearts in Love need no Words

Précieux comme l'or

Precious as Gold


I love you in different languages:

Je T'adore


Ta Gra Agam Ort

Ich Leibe Dich

Ti Amo

Te Amo